Letter from Hollywood – Joe Mantegna

 Letter from Hollywood

To our men and women in the military:

I just wanted you to know that within the Hollywood community there are a number of us who make no bones over the fact that we support your efforts 110%. Personally I’ve never been much of a politico, and for that reason I’ve been an independent voter my entire life. Part of that lies in my belief that there are some issues too important to be tainted by any party affiliation or ideology but should be supported strictly based on the fact that it’s the right thing to do. It’s no wonder there are many films and t.v. shows that have characters in them who have occupations such as soldiers, fire and police personnel and those in the medical profession. The public has a fascination with them. I think the reason is because subconsciously the public has an attraction toward heroes. And by heroes I mean individuals who have chosen as their life work to put themselves in harms way to help others. This is what a soldiers primary job is; keep the peace, insure freedom. You are the last people I have to remind that freedom ain’t free. And too often you all have to pay that ultimate price. I just wanted you to know you have a multitude of us out there who will do their best to make sure anyone who listens will also understand that. Thank you for your service. God bless you one and all.

Joe Mantegna