Letter from Hollywood – David James Elliott

  Letter from Hollywood

To our Troops: 

Growing up, the image I had of what it meant to be a man was gleaned from stories my grandfather  would tell me about his time in the service during World War II. He was an artillery sergeant in  the tank corps and fought in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. T. E. Fielding was an Englishman, and  when England was attacked he immediately joined the army. He finished his service a highly  decorated veteran who fought overseas from 1939 thru 46. He always told us, “He is great who stands  for his country and defends its rights and freedoms.” T.E. Fielding was the greatest man I’ve ever  known!

Myself, my wife Nanci and our children, Stephanie and Wyatt, want to thank you, the men and women  of of armed forces for your courage, your sacrifice, and your dedication to America. You make us  great, you make us proud. May God speed your mission and bring you home safe!

David James Elliott