Letter from Hollywood – Robert Davi

Letter from Hollywood

Dear Troops,

One of the fondest and lasting images I had as a child was on every Memorial Day, Veterans Day and 4th of July, my dad, who was a Navy gunner on a Merchant Marine ship during World War 2, raised the American flag and put on his Navy uniform, till he died in his mid-fifties. His ship was torpedoed and he was on a raft for 3 days before being picked up. He received a Purple Heart. He never spoke about his experiences and I was too young to have a heart to heart with him about them. What I do know and what he handed down to me was a love for Our Country and the men and woman who serve her to protect our Freedoms . His Father, a Sicilian immigrant, also received a Purple Heart and an Oak Leaf Cluster during World War 1 ,when he served in the Army Infantry. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WHO SERVE and have SERVED and for the sacrifice you and your families have made for us here at home. We live in a time when the very values that our country was founded on seem to be under attack and where confusion is used to weaken the resolve and will of the people . But make NO MISTAKE: There is no more important gift then what you are giving to US.

On behalf of myself and my 5 children we say -God Bless to you all. Know that you have our Love and Support,

Robert Davi