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Pets for Patriots Provides Companionship to Two Very Special Populations

Pets for Patriots Provides Companionship to Two Very Special Populations

 Did you know that every day, twenty Veterans take their own lives? Or that a shelter pet is euthanized every eight seconds due to lack of space? Pets for Patriots provides resources that help Veterans combat mental health challenges and adopt their new best friend while connecting the most overlooked shelter pets with loving homes. 

Benefits of Pets for Patriots

Not only does Pets for Patriots promote emotional support dogs for Veterans and protect the bond between animals and their humans, but they also work to make lifetime pet ownership more affordable. 

The non-profit offers several benefits to Veterans, dog adoption or cat adoption included. They also make contributions toward pet food and other basic needs, provide discounts on pet goods and services, and connect Veterans to high-quality, affordable veterinary care. 

Getting Started with Pets for Patriots

In order to participate with Pets for Patriots, there must be at least one shelter or rescue partner within 40 driving miles of your home address. Simply enter your address on their program availability page to find participating partners. 

Once you’ve established that Pets for Patriots operates in your area, simply complete the online application to get started. After you receive your approval email, you can start the search for your new best friend! Qualified applicants must: 

  • Have completed a minimum of 190 days of military service after basic training.
  • Provide proof of service.

Patriots for Pets, Too

There’s a benefit to the animal in all of this, too. First and foremost, Patriots for Pets works to prepare former members of the military for pet adoption. This ensures that the Veteran is truly aware of and ready for all that pet ownership entails, reducing the chances that he or she will need to return the pet.

Secondly, the program focuses on the most overlooked pet populations when working with former military. Pet rehoming occurs most often when the animal is over two years old, has special needs, or weighs more than 40 pounds. It is these populations of pets, along with any animal that has been at a shelter for more than 6 months, which Pets for Patriots works to connect with a Veteran. It’s truly a win-win. 

More Veteran Benefits

Veteran benefits are offered by many more organizations than just the VA. From free event tickets, to snow removal assistance, to internships for convalescing Service Members, there’s something for everyone and every circumstance. You just have to know where to look. Follow the Community News section of our Military Blog and stay up to date on the variety of benefits available to Veterans and their families.

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