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Best World War II Books to Enjoy This Autumn – A Military Connection Top Ten List

Dive into World War II's finest literature, perfect for history buffs and those seeking captivating tales.

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Best Books About World War 1 – A Military Connection Top Ten List

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The Most Insightful Books on the American Revolution: A Military Connection Top Ten List

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Essential Info for the Veterans’ Honor Flight

Experience the transformative Honor Flight for veterans, a meaningful tribute with a free trip to Washington, D.C. Learn more and…

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Fascinating Facts about Our Presidents with Military Service

Military Connection shares our top 7 facts about the fascinating history of our Presidents with military service.

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The Best Movies About the Holocaust: A Military Connection Top Ten List

Military Connection shares ten best movies about the holocaust.

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Military Children’s Books to Help with a PCS Move

Military Children’s Books –– Make PCS moves easier on children with these 11 books.

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Best Movies About the American Indian Wars: A Military Connection Round Up

It can be difficult to find American Indian War movies that accurately depict events of this period. We rounded up…

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We Can Do It! The Impact of Rosie the Riveter on American Women

The impact of Rosie the Riveter goes far beyond World War II.

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