Military History

7 Important Moments in US Military History for Our Service Members

Explore 7 Pivotal Moments in US Military History: From the Birth of the Continental Army to Modern Enlistment Eligibility.

7 months ago

Vietnam Veterans: Their Unique Experience and Its Impact on America

Discover the enduring legacy of Vietnam Veterans and the profound impact of the Vietnam War on American history.

9 months ago

Fascinating Facts about Our Presidents with Military Service

Military Connection shares our top 7 facts about the fascinating history of our Presidents with military service.

1 year ago

We Can Do It! The Impact of Rosie the Riveter on American Women

The impact of Rosie the Riveter goes far beyond World War II.

2 years ago

Seven Must-See Historical Sites with Ties to the Revolutionary War

Seven Revolutionary War Historical Sites Everyone Should Visit

2 years ago

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021

December 7, 2021 marks the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

3 years ago

Happy Birthday Marine Corps – 2021 Marks 246 Years!

Happy Birthday Marine Corps 2021 - Honoring the US Marine Corps with a special birthday post

3 years ago

A Veterans Day Message and Some History, Too

A Veterans Day Message in honor of Veterans (or Armistice) Day 2021

3 years ago

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a U.S. National Cemetery

Learn more about the 171 national cemeteries located in the U.S., and additional 26 outside of the country.

3 years ago

Happy Birthday U.S. Navy!

Happy Birthday U.S. Navy! A brief history of the Old Navy in honor of the U.S. Navy Birthday 2021.

3 years ago