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Military Discounts – 8 Links to Save You Money While Shopping

Chances are good that you’re doing much of your shopping online in 2020. Did you know that many businesses give discounts to active duty and veteran service members? 

Every year veterans and active duty service members are able to take advantage of discounts offered by hundreds of companies because of their service to this country. Our military’s service members make sacrifices each and every day to ensure our nation’s security and guarantee our freedom.  In an effort to recognize and show appreciation to our active duty service members and veterans, many businesses offer them special discounts on their goods and services. In some cases, immediate family members of the service member or veteran are also eligible for these discounts.

Military Discount Pages

There are a few websites that gather the discounts for you and provide direct links to those individual retailers and service providers. 

Brads Deals: This site compiles discounts, deals and shopping guides. There are over 200 links for active duty and veteran specific discounts.

Govx: This site is exclusively for those who currently serve in the military, for veterans and also first responders. Users create a free account with the website, entering and verifying their credentials before shopping. Govx has created a partner site, PatriotX for civilians. One percent of each sale supports military or first responder causes. shops: Includes discount codes, coupons and exclusive sales to major brands and retailers across a broad range of categories from clothing to home improvement and travel discounts.

The Military Wallet: This site provides not only a list of discounts with links to the individual retailers but also includes information about obtaining discounts that may not be listed or widely publicized.

Military Discount Lists

The following links provided are for articles and other related content with lists of discounts to national and regional businesses offering discounts. Discounts are subject to change and it is best practice to check with the retailer for verification of discount. 

Business Insider: 50 Stores that Offer Discounts Year Round

Deal News: The 164 Best Military Discounts of 2020 The site contains articles and discount links for major retailers and services. Links to year round and Veterans Day specific deals are included as part of their Discount Center page.

Veterans United: Article from 2019 of the best deals from retailers across different categories of goods and services specifically for active duty military and veterans.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for clothes, tires or travel chances are good there’s a discount available. While the links provided should help provide you with some great options, sometimes all you have to do is ask. If you are shopping with a major retailer, whether in person or online or planning for travel, a quick inquiry of possible discounts for military or veterans may save you some money even if it wasn’t published elsewhere.

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