James Webb Sr.’s 9/11 Memory

I am 75 years old this year 2011. The night before the Trade Centers fell to the ground I was playing with my “Microsoft Flight Simulator 98”. The night before I started my flying in a Cessna 172 out of Beaver-marsh, OR, a dirt runway and heading north to Bend, OR. There was not much to see so I went to Christmas Valley, OR and headed west, and again there was not much to see. Therefore, I chose a ready made flight over New York City and it started out at about 5000 feet elevation heading north and as I looked down to my left there was the city with a lot of tall buildings. I like the challenge of flying between the tall ones. Just before heading down and between these two real tall buildings I realized that I had almost over shot my approach to go between them, but knowing that this game would reset itself I was going to try it any way. It happened, I didn’t make it between them and I ran into that first one that was hit in the same area the next day and fell to the ground. Now you can imagine the surprise I had the next morning when I saw the news and saw the same building fall to the ground after it being hit by a real aircraft. I almost felt that it was my fault.

James Webb Sr.