Meredith Goodwin”s 9/11 Memory

The morning of Sept 11, 2001 I was in San Francisco.  The radio alarm went off that morning, tuned to NPR as it usually is.  Typically we both take our time getting out of bed, but that morning my husband leaped out of bed and ran into the living room to turn on the television.  We both saw the second airplane strike the WTC.  I was in shock.

At that point I was not in the military, but had been considering joining the Reserves for many years.  That event tipped me over, and over a year later I became (and still am) a proud member of the USAF Reserves Medical Corps.

I find it especially fitting that I will be pinning on Col this year on the Sunday of our UTA, which happens to be Sept 11th.

Meredith Goodwin, Col, MC, FS, USAFR

919 MDS, Eglin AFB, Florida