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Profiles of Veterans Running for Office on the Democratic Ticket

By Debbie Gregory. Veterans who are Democrats are running for Congressional seats in record numbers. And some of them are proving to be competitive in areas previously considered as Republican strong-holds. While veterans are traditionally considered conservative, here are some veterans running as Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections: Josh Butner- CA Josh’s family has […]

Are Burn Pits To Blame for Terminally Ill Iraq Veterans?

After a decades long battle, National Guard veteran Amie Muller succumbed to pancreatic cancer.  She believed it was a result of deployments to Iraq and exposure to burn pits. Burn pits produced billowing toxic smoke night and day at an air base in northern Iraq. After returning to Minnesota, she began experiencing health problems usually […]

Army Veteran Arrested with Massive Weapons Cache Claimed it was for a ‘Classified’ Mission

By Debbie Gregory. A 59-year-old Army veteran is facing more than 40 criminal charges and an investigation by state and federal law enforcement officials after he was arrested on March 24th in a Massachusetts hotel with dozens of weapons. Texas native Francho Bradley told law enforcement that he assembled his arsenal as part of a […]

Homeless Veterans Fastest Growing Segment Is Female Veterans

By Debbie Gregory. When most people picture a veteran, it’s a male. And the same holds true for homeless veterans. But the truth is that the Department of Veterans Affairs has found that female veterans, including those with children, are the fastest-growing share of homeless veterans. Female veterans are two to four times as likely […]

Why Veterans Succeed in College Now More Than Ever Before

In the past, graduation rates for veterans were significantly lower than those of traditional students. However, a major 2011 study by the Student Veterans of America revealed that the opposite was true. In fact, veterans are graduating at a rate close to that of more traditional students: an average 51.7 percent for veterans in comparison […]

Captain Marvel Will Draw On Danvers’ Military Service, but Also Mourns Loss of Consultant

By Debbie Gregory. Captain Marvel is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Most of these versions exist in Marvel’s main shared universe, known as the Marvel Universe. On March 26, Marvel Studios announced that production on Captain Marvel has officially begun. In the upcoming film, Brie […]