What are the effects of a call-up if I am within my original 10-year period of eligibility?

The policies on this subject vary by educational program. However, if you are unsure of your eligibility, please submit an application for education benefits to VA to receive an official decision. Click here to apply. Please scroll down to your selected program for details.

MGIB-Active Duty (Chapter 30) or VEAP (Chapter 32)

If you were eligible for the MGIB Active Duty program or VEAP, and serve at least 90 continuous days on active duty at a later date, you receive a new ten-year period of eligibility for education benefits starting at the end of your call-up period.

If you served less than 90 continuous days and are discharged or released for a service connected disability, for a non-service connected medical condition which preexisted the later active duty service, for hardship, or because of a reduction in force for the convenience of the government, you will still get a new ten-year period of eligibility. We may need evidence of active service such as copies of orders or DD Form 214. You would generally not receive an extension of your eligibility if you were called up under Title 32 (state authority) orders for operational purposes.

MGIB-Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606)

If you are within your period of eligibility for MGIB-SR(Chapter 1606), you will generally receive an extension of your eligibility equaling the amount of time served on active duty plus four months. An exception is if the amount of time you serve on active duty exceeds the amount of time left in your original period of eligibility. For example, if you are one month away from your delimiting date (the end of your period of eligibility) when you are called up, and you are called up for a year, you would only receive a total of 5 months extension (one month credit plus four months) instead of 16.

You may also be able to use benefits for the length of the extension period once you are released from the reserves, starting on the day after you leave the reserves (and assuming that you have that period of time left in your period of eligibility).

Depending on the length of your active duty service, you may also gain eligibility for education benefits under another program. Please note that VA will pay a maximum of 48 months of entitlement to a recipient under any combination of programs.

Dependents’ Educational Assistance (Chapter 35)

If you are activated during your period of eligibility under Title 10 or section 502(f) of Title 32, VA will extend your period of eligibility by the length of your active duty plus four months. You will receive a separate extension for each call-up. This type of extension is not subject to any age limitation.

For children entitled to DEA benefits who are in the reserves or National Guard, this type of extension is in addition to a separate extension you would receive for the first period of military service which occurs between your 18th and 26th birthdays. Under that extension, your eligibility period would extend eight years from your release from active duty for this period of service, but not beyond your 31st birthday.

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 1607)

There is no specific eligibility period for using REAP (Chapter 1607) benefits. However, benefits generally end once you leave the reserves. There are exceptions to this rule, so please submit an application to VA for an official decision on your eligibility.

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