Military Connection: Great Online Resource for VA Healthcare Users


By Debbie Gregory

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has received plenty of news coverage over the last year. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media has focused on the negative, citing deficiencies found in the federal agency. Despite what you hear in the news, the VA does an incredible amount of good for Veterans, and is constantly improving their methods for delivering quality healthcare and other benefits to Veterans and their families.

One of the most notable improvements that the VA has made to their healthcare system is the creation of the “My HealtheVet” web portal. My HealtheVet is the VA’s online personal health record. The system provides Veterans and their families enrolled in the VA system access to information about their healthcare benefits, links to federal and other VA resources, and a Personal Health Journal. My HealtheVet even gives users access to online prescription refills.

My HealtheVet was designed for Veterans, service members, their dependents and caregivers. The system is designed to give users the ability to make informed decisions and manage their health care, in a partnership with their VA healthcare team. Check out all of the features that My HealtheVet provides below:

The Personal Information page helps users keep track of their contact information, emergency contacts, healthcare providers, treatment locations, and health insurance information.

The Wallet ID Card page allows users to print their personal information on a pre-formatted wallet card for ease of use. The ID card also provides spaces for users to list allergies and other critical medical information.

The Military Health History page allows users to record important events from their military service, including incidents such as injuries and exposures to chemical, biological or radiological agents, as well as assignments related to their health history.

The Medications, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements page allows users to record the name, starting and ending date, prescription number, and dosage for their medications.

The Allergies page assists users in keeping track of their allergies by date, severity, reaction, diagnosis, and comments.

The Tests page keeps track of users’ examinations and assessments by test name, date of test, location where test was performed, provider’s name, results, and any comments.

The Medical Events page lists illnesses, accidents or other events by logging their date, treatment prescribed or comments regarding the event.

The Immunizations page logs all immunizations and vaccinations by date received, method used, and any reactions that occurred.

The Health eLogs will keep a running record of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, temperature, weight, heartrate, and any occurrences of pain.

In the future, My HealtheVet users will be given access to view copay balances, and portions of their VA medical records online. And the VA is constantly working to improve this and other systems. Keep utilizing these resources so that you aren’t just receiving the negative headlines. Veterans and other VA healthcare members should visit to get started using this great benefit.

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