Military Connection: Air Force Couple Spent Valentine’s Day Apart

Valentine's Day


By Debbie Gregory.

Over the weekend, many of us celebrated Valentine’s Day spending time with our significant other. Restaurants were packed, greeting card shelves were emptied, and millions of dollars were spent on flowers, chocolates and jewelry.  But, across the country and across the world, there were many people who could not spend Valentine’s Day with the one they love. Many, many service members were not able to spend the day with their Valentine­– especially when both of them are serving in the military.

One military couple was featured in an article written by Air Force Senior Airman Austin Harvill, that was originally posted in the DOD News blog. Air Force Staff Sergeant Denise Brown and her husband, Senior Airman Johnny Brown, were separated on Valentine’s Day as a result of their military service.

In 2014, the two Airmen were dating in Langley, Virginia when Mr. Brown got orders to Kadena Airbase in Japan. Despite being half a world away, the two decided to try to make their relationship work. They kept in contact through video calls, and were finally able to see each other, in-person, over the 2014 holidays, when Denise flew out to Japan. Her beau proposed to her on Christmas Day, and the two Airmen were married one week later.

While it is difficult for a newlywed couple to be apart on their first Valentine’s Day, the Browns remain positive.

“I don’t think about how my husband is gone on Valentine’s Day,” Mrs. Brown said. “I am just grateful to have the best Valentine any one could ever ask for.”

It is important for military families to  find ways to prevent separations from harming their relationships. It is easy to get down and depressed when holidays and special events are spent apart. But making a conscious decision to keep a positive outlook can do wonders for a relationship. It can be used to build a couple’s communication skills and enhance their appreciation for each other.

The Browns show the dedication and awareness of the bigger picture that foreshadows a strong marriage. We wish them joy, happiness and success in their careers and their marriage.

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Military Connection: Air Force Couple Spent Valentine’s Day Apart: By Debbie Gregory