Conflicting Reports on Veteran Jobs, Veteran Employment


By Debbie Gregory.

There has been recent conversation about the unemployment rate as it pertains to veteran employment. Some sources say there are many veteran jobs, while other sources claim, at least in certain regional areas around the country, that veteran employment is scarce.

Veterans face employment challenges that their civilian counterparts do not. Probably most important is understanding how military skills translate to civilian jobs. This is an easy fix and can be remedied by the use of a Military To Civilian Occupational skills translator.

Another indicator that veteran employment could be on the rise is that many of the career sectors most sought out by veterans are considered to be high–growth sectors. Jobs for military veterans in Computer Science/Network Systems Management; Health Care Administration; Human Resources Training Management; Training and Education, and Law Enforcement are all popular career choices.

Regardless of the career choice veterans will make, there is some preparation needed before beginning a veteran job search. Here are a few helpful veteran job tips:

As previously stated, translate military skills into civilian language. While your skills may be a perfect fit, if you don’t translate them on your resume or in interviews in a way that speaks the employer’s language, you may not be considered for the position.

Determine if you need additional training. There are numerous resources available, including online courses and certificate programs that are both easily accessible and affordable.

Network both online and off line. Don’t underestimate the power of who you know. Networking is still one of the most effective strategies in the job search process..

Many employers look to veterans because of the skills acquired in the military, including leadership ability, understanding of sophisticated technologies, and teamwork.


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