Military Influencers Use Social Media to Connect Across Experiences

Explore a diverse group of military influencers and veterans as they share their unique experiences, covering fashion, fitness, mental health,…

9 months ago

Agent Orange and New PACT Act Benefits for Vietnam Veterans

Understanding Agent Orange Effects, VA Benefits, and Veteran Support: A Comprehensive Guide for Vietnam War Veterans and Their Families.

10 months ago

Connecting with Nature: Outdoor Therapy for Veterans

Veterans Find Healing & Hope in Nature. Outdoor therapy for PTSD, anxiety & depression is effective and empowering.

11 months ago

Orthorexia Nervosa and Veterans

Orthorexia Nervosa defined and treatments available for Veterans living with this eating disorder.

3 years ago

Advancements in Prosthetic Technology for Amputee Veterans

Advancements in robotics prosthetics research and new technology in prosthetics leads to improvements in quality of life for amputee Veterans.

3 years ago

Understanding PTSD in Veterans: The Mental Health Effects of Being Deployed in a Warzone

Understanding PTSD and it’s disproportionate impact on the mental health of wartime veterans.

3 years ago

Military Program Highlight: Military and Family Life Counseling

Military and Family Life Counseling – services offered and benefits of this important program.

3 years ago

Military Program Highlight: VA Community Care

Learn more about when and how VA Community Care can be used.

3 years ago

Healthcare: Understanding Veteran Illness

While health issues in the military can be similar to those in civilian populations, there are a few concerns which…

3 years ago