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The Fisher House Foundation: A Home Away from Home

The Fisher House Foundation: A Home Away from Home contributed by Liz Zaczek, Senior Staff Writer As we quickly approach the Memorial Day weekend, the weekend where we remember and honor our country’s heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country and protecting our freedom, past and present.    Our nation’s fallen service […]

Programs That Can Help Veterans Afford a Car

Programs That Can Help Veterans Afford a Car Transitioning back to civilian life is often a hard process. You may need to find a place to live, a place to work and struggle to adjust to a new routine. One thing that would make your life easier was if you had a reliable form of […]

The Best Military Spouse Blogs

May…springtime is in full swing…we celebrate and thank our teacher, nurses, mothers and honor our nation’s fallen heroes…but did you know it is also the time of Military Spouse Appreciation Day? Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a holiday set aside to tell military spouses why they matter — and why they are needed. Each year […]

Veterans Benefits: The VA Home Loan

Veterans Benefits: The VA Home Loan Contributed by Alan Rohlfing   As members of the United States military community, we know that we have a host of benefits available to us, whether we give much conscious thought to it or not. Most of our benefits are administered by the Veterans Benefits Administration, an agency of […]

Celebrating the Month of The Military Child

The lives of military children are marked by a unique culture and set of circumstances, oftentimes making them feel isolated from their non-military counterparts. The sacrifices these children make are easily overshadowed by the experiences of their active-duty family members. But make no mistake – a military kid has an inner strength like no other.  […]

PTSD Service Dogs

It’s no surprise that dogs can soothe us when we feel troubled. But research shows bonding with dogs has positive benefits even on a biological level. Dogs elevate levels of the hormone oxytocin in our bodies, which promotes feelings of trust and well being. Oxytocin also heightens the ability to interpret facial expressions, helps one […]

ROTC & You

As a teen, one who attended an all girls private school, I only heard the letters ROTC in passing. We had a neighbor whose son, around my age talked about possibly joining the program at his school. Enter the social media age in the 2000’s and the occasional friend posts photos of their child(ren) participating […]