Letter from Hollywood – John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley Best known as Dr. Cox on SCRUBS, John C. McGinley”s films include THE ROCK, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY and WILD HOGS.  He also stars in TWO TICKETS TO PARADISE

To: All American Service Men and Women.

Wherever this note may find you around the globe, my family and I, wish you warmth, a few laughs and safety. We thank you for your service. And hope that you and your families, will be reunited much sooner than later!

All the best! And please make it back here safely…

Warmest regards,

John C. McGinley

Letter from Hollywood – Casper Van Dien

Casper Van DienFrom a family with a strong tradition of military service, actor Casper Van Dien is best known for TARZAN AND THE LOST CITY, SLEEPY HOLLOW and STARSHIP TROOPERS.

Bless the Men and Women of the United States Military! When America (and the world) needs you, you are always there standing strong for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We could not have any of this without you – the American military. Our Great Nation is beautiful because of people like you. I am honored to beable to write a letter expressing my gratitude and the gratitude of my entire family for the choices you have all made to serve and protect us. Your bravery to serve your country is the noblest sacrifice an individual can make and it is so appreciated by all of us. The beautiful thing about this country is that even those who don””t know how to properly say thank you, well, they still have that choice, because you are there, protecting their freedom. So for all of those that don””t know how to say thank you, and all of us who do, I stand tall as an American, and salute you, with my hand on my heart, great praise in my prayers, and the deepest respect and admiration for your incredible sense of duty. God bless you for blessing the American way.

Always Faithful,

Casper Van Dien

Letter from Hollywood – Kaya Jones

Kaya Jones A former member of the PUSSYCAT DOLLS, Kaya””s putting the finishing touches on her new solo album.

Hello Troops

My name is Kaya Jones. Some of you may have heard of me as I was just recently in Iraq performing for some of the troops. It was such an honor to meet and share days with these great soldiers who not only fight and protect us daily but do it with such pride and heart. I felt welcomed as family, and family, in a way, we all are, being American.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for all that you do. It””s hard to write this letter because it is beyond words the gratitude I have for all of you.

I feel as soldiers, you are all heroes who will always and forever be remembered for bravery and courage. It is incredible what you do on a daily basis. The very least I could do was to go to Iraq to perform for my brothers and sisters. It was pleasure for me to have lifted spirits through music and bring a little piece of home to you.

Since coming home my eyes have been opened and I have been able to share the reality of the ultimate sacrifice made by our heroes everyday and that we cannot forget. I now feel much more connected since being able to get to know some of the soldiers on a personal level. I am getting involved with more American Organizations for our troops for when you return. I forever support you in your fight for our country.

“To be immortal is to live a life worth remembering.” And heroes are always remembered, never forgotten. All of you are heroes in my book. You are in myprayers. And remember, home is not far away. I am open and look forward to receiving any of your letters and for your safe return.

Thank you again for all that you do.

God Bless.

Kaya Jones

Letter from Hollywood – D.W. Moffett

D.W. Moffett Illinois-born actor D.W. Moffett currently stars on COVERT AFFAIRS for the USA Network.  Other credits include FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, FOR YOUR LOVE and the film TRAFFIC.


It has been my great honor to meet with some of you in both Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 18 months and I just want to reach out and tell you all how proud I am of the service you are providing your country.

We live in troubled times and you men and women are showing up, putting your lives on the line, so that we may exercise our freedoms at home. Thank you. I am hoping to travel overseas myself in the near future and look forward to meeting more of you in the coming months.

I wish each and every one of you a successful deployment and above all…a safe trip home.

With respect and eternal gratitude,

D.W. Moffett

As Veteran Student Enrollment Rates Increase, For-Profit Schools Rake in the Gold

Since the creation of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, thousands of veterans have taken advantage of the government’s promise of tuition coverage for post-secondary schools. But veterans are not the only ones capitalizing on the government’s dime. In a recent congressional report stemming from an undercover investigation of 15 schools in the U.S., many college institutions are using deceptive and fraudulent marketing tactics to lure current and former military members into attending their schools.

The Government Accountability Office headed the investigation, strategically placing undercover applicants in the 15 schools. Some of the findings included the schools’ attempts to persuade the applicants to lie about their financial status, provide misleading *or* unclear information on the college’s graduation rate and misrepresent the applicants’ estimated post-graduate salaries.

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia originally drafted the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Senator Webb along with Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, gave the initial request for the review of the colleges.

The two senators claimed they had received word that some for-profit schools “may be aggressively targeting service members and veterans, signing them up for educational programs that bring little benefit to future employment opportunities.” There are additional issues as a result of the excessive tuition rates of some schools utilizing the government’s program. According to congressional aides, out of the top 10 recipients of funds from the GI Bill, seven were for-profit schools.

The senators are requesting a complete review of the bill as well as of the schools who have utilized fraudulent recruiting methods. Furthermore, they are asking for the VA to be more involved in the decision making process of which schools should be admitted into the program, what the schools’ drop-out and graduation rates are and if there has been any evidence *or* claims of veterans being cheated.

For more information on the Post-9/11 GI Bill, visit MilitaryConnection.com. You may also use MilitaryConnection.com to register for the GI Bill by visiting this link.

Wounded Warrior Photo Introspective featured at Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Veterans Day

Simi Valley, CA  November 11, 2010: 10am
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
40 Presidential Way,
Simi Valley, CA 93065

The Tempered Steel Foundation, Uniting Wounded Warriors with the Public through Dialogue, is proud to announce The Tempered Steel Photo Introspective at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library with Keynote speaker Wounded Warrior and Comedian Robert Henline.

The Tempered Steel Photo Introspective, “Honoring the Wounds of War” is a cohesive effort by Photographer Micaela Bensko and journalist Amanda Cherry-Haus in culminating the stories behind the scars of war through imagery and interviews.

The photo exhibit is accompanied by documented interviews of the featured wounded warriors by Cherry-Haus, which are being cataloged in the Library of Congress.

Tempered Steel was founded by Iraq veteran and wounded soldier Sgt. Scott Stephenson and his mother Luana Schneider. The wounded warriors of the Tempered Steel Photo Introspective are all Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have bravely unveiled their private scars in an effort to unite injured veterans with the public by eradicating the enigma that is the disfigured soldier. It is the goal of the Introspective to enlighten the public to the humanity within the warrior, the dignity within the scars, and the power of the human spirit.

The exhibit is open to the public of all ages, admission to the Library on Veterans Day is free with additional events on-going throughout the day to honor our country”s veterans.

The Hottest Jobs on MilitaryConnection.com

MilitaryConnection.com is your go-to site for the latest employment news, jobs and hiring information. We are constantly adding new openings to our Job Board from employers specifically seeking the skills military members can provide. This week, we are posting job highlights from General Dynamics’ hiring event taking place on September 29th and 30th. For more information on this event *or* to submit an application, you can visit the General Dynamics website and submit your resume.

Some of the open positions General Dynamics is offering are:

  • Sr. Contract Manager – Columbia, Maryland (Management)
  • Sr. Program Manager – Columbia, Maryland (Management)
  • Software Architect – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Communications System Engineer – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Chief Software Engineer – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Systems Engineer – Alexandria, Virginia (Engineering)
  • Network/IT Security – Seabrook, Maryland (Information Technology)
  • Sr. Systems Engineers – Linthicum, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Business Development Manager – Linthicum, Maryland (Business Development)

Tip #3: Do your homework. Know the company for which you are applying. Walking into an interview without any knowledge of what the company does is a sure-fire way to have you back out the door in a flash. Research the company and find out what their strengths are and where they have succeeded in recent years. Merging this information into your interview casually will show the hiring manager you are serious and are prepared to do the work necessary to get the job done. Plus, it shows your general interest in the company and can establish trust and a sense of loyalty with the hiring manager.

Team Fisher House at the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon passed $200,000 in donations today!

Keep up the great work raising funds and awareness for Fisher House Foundation!

MilitaryConnection.com is a proud sponsor of Team Fisher House…

Champions for Military Families
Washington, D.C. – October 31, 2010

Register | Volunteer | Donate

Registration Has Begun

  • Team Fisher House has only 4 remaining race slots at the 2010 MCM
  • There are unlimited number of team slots for those who previously registered for the race on the MCM website (no fundraising minimum)

Team Benefits

  • Team Coordinator will send timely e-mail team, fundraising and Foundation updates (the who, what, where, when, why and how of the team and the marathon)
  • Team Coach will post a variety of race-specific training calendars, send timely coaching updates and give personal advice to team runners
  • Team Pasta Dinner on Saturday, October 30, 2010 for runners, volunteers and guests
  • Discounted Team Hotel in Arlington, VA within walking distance to Charity Village, Start and Finish Lines
  • Team running shirt, hat and gift bags
  • Prizes for the top fundraisers
  • Great volunteer support along course and at the Team Fisher House tent in Charity Village

Fundraising Requirements

  • Upon Registration, a customizable online donation web page is created just for you. It is pre-populated with Fisher House information and 100% ready to accept donations
  • FREE Customized Fundraising Tools: Business Cards, Post Cards, Donation Flyers, Donation Request Letters &amp, E-mail Templates
  • Team Fisher House Fundraising Guide to help you reach and exceed your goals
  • Team Fundraising Available

* No Federal *or* Marine Corps Endorsement is Implied

Cyber Security Information Briefing and Hiring Event

Cyber Security Information Briefing and
Hiring Event
BWI Airport Marriott,
1743 West Nursery Road
Baltimore,MD 21090
(410) 859-8300 (directions only)

September 29th and 30th
Cyber Security Info Sessions: 11am – 12pm
Interviews: 12pm – 7pm
Please bring 5 copies of your resume to the event.


The best people. The most advanced technologies.

At General Dynamics, security has never been an afterthought. Our encryption solutions are used to secure networks worldwide, as well as in systems for major aircraft platforms, mission planning and warrior systems, spaceborne subsystems, radios and desktop and personal communications devices. With more than 40 years of experience in protecting the highest levels of information — at home and abroad — our customers are able to communicate with absolute confidence using the method best suited to their objectives. This heritage of successful security solutions uniquely positions General Dynamics as a leader in the cyber security market.

Join us on the front lines of cyber defense. Be a part of a culture of innovation and creativity.  Be empowered to think independently and move quickly in the pursuit of excellence. Be an architect of the networks and technologies that protect lives.

Linthicum, MD Positions Available:

  • Business Development Manager (13036) – Proven capability to identify and capture new business contracts and opportunities within the Intelligence and/******or****** DoD market.
  • Sr. Systems Engineers (12474) – 8 years experience in architecture development, enterprise services and information assurance. Key Management and/******or****** PKI is preferred, Active TS/SCI clearance.

Seabrook, MD Position Available:

  • Network/IT Security (12730) – BSCS, BSCE, BSCSE 7 years experience required. Experience with venerability scanning and NIST controls, CISSP certification preferred.

Alexandria, VA Positions Available:

  • Systems Engineer (11493) – 12 years experience in Software/Systems development. Prior experience providing technical leadership and interfacing on DoD programs, Active DoD clearance.
  • Systems Engineer (11995) – 10 years experience designing/fielding of military, federal-civil, ******or****** commercial communication systems, Active DoD clearance.

Columbia, MD Positions Available:

  • Chief Software Engineer (10362-02) – 12 yrs DoD programs software engineering experience, Active DoD clearance.
  • Communications System Engineer (11560) – 8 years experience with VOIP, Switching, ISA &amp,amp,amp,amp,amp,amp,PCI.
  • Software Architect (11564) – 10 years experience with VOIP, Networking, C , C#, .Net, Active DoD clearance.
  • Sr. Program Manager (11978) – 10 years experience managing large DoD development programs. DoD Procurement and strong PM management tool experience.
  • Sr. Contract Manager (12996) – 12 years experience with DoD Contract Management. ESI, NCMA &amp,amp,amp,amp,amp,amp, NAPM certifications preferred.

We invite you to explore our website to review the detailed skill sets necessary to qualify for the positions listed above and then please submit your resume online prior to the event.


Hiring Managers will be on hand at this event to discuss each opportunity. Please submit your résumé online and bring 5 copies to the event. Discover how you can work side by side with other experienced professionals in an effort to enhance U.S. military communications capabilities that will help ensure the safety of our troops, our families and our nation for decades to come.

New Position Posted On MilitaryConnection.com!

There is a new position posted on the MilitaryConnection.com Job Board this week.

  • Production/Maintenance Supervisor – San Leandro, California (Management)

To view all of the details on this position, log in *or* register as a job seeker on our site. There are also plenty of other jobs to view in various fields and cities. Be sure to check back regularly to gain all the benefits MilitaryConnection.com has to offer when it comes to finding the right job for you!

Tip #3: Networking may be the key in finding the job that is right for you. Always try to “advertise” your name, skills and goals when meeting new people. This doesn’t mean you should force feed your life story to anyone that will listen, but mentioning what your career goals are within the context of a conversation can be a great way to spark interest in someone that may be able to help make them happen.