The Hottest Jobs on is your go-to site for the latest employment news, jobs and hiring information. We are constantly adding new openings to our Job Board from employers specifically seeking the skills military members can provide. This week, we are posting job highlights from General Dynamics’ hiring event taking place on September 29th and 30th. For more information on this event *or* to submit an application, you can visit the General Dynamics website and submit your resume.

Some of the open positions General Dynamics is offering are:

  • Sr. Contract Manager – Columbia, Maryland (Management)
  • Sr. Program Manager – Columbia, Maryland (Management)
  • Software Architect – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Communications System Engineer – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Chief Software Engineer – Columbia, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Systems Engineer – Alexandria, Virginia (Engineering)
  • Network/IT Security – Seabrook, Maryland (Information Technology)
  • Sr. Systems Engineers – Linthicum, Maryland (Engineering)
  • Business Development Manager – Linthicum, Maryland (Business Development)

Tip #3: Do your homework. Know the company for which you are applying. Walking into an interview without any knowledge of what the company does is a sure-fire way to have you back out the door in a flash. Research the company and find out what their strengths are and where they have succeeded in recent years. Merging this information into your interview casually will show the hiring manager you are serious and are prepared to do the work necessary to get the job done. Plus, it shows your general interest in the company and can establish trust and a sense of loyalty with the hiring manager.