Sullivan University Provides Premiere Education Services for Military and Veteran Students

Military Connection created the “Veteran School Salute” award to recognize Veteran Colleges and Veteran Schools that go above and beyond in their efforts to help Military, Veterans and their loved ones use the rich education benefits that they have earned and make the most of their education experience. The first Veteran School Salute of 2014 is awarded to Sullivan University Systems.

Sullivan University System has maintained an academic partnership with the military since 1982, when the leadership at nearby Ft. Knox approached the faculty at Sullivan, asking them to train Army cooks in the culinary arts. Today, that academic partnership extends beyond the realm of active duty service members. Approximately 800 of Sullivan’s 7,000 students are either active duty military, Reservists, Veterans, or military dependents.

“The ‘Veteran School Salute’ is meant to show our appreciation to schools that are truly helping their Veteran students,” said Debbie Gregory, founder and CEO of Military Connection. “But more importantly, the award is meant to highlight the innovative ways that these top schools use to serve their students from the military community. Hopefully, other schools will follow suit, improving Veteran education on a broader scale.”

Sullivan’s dedication to its military students goes beyond simply being a “military-friendly” school. Sullivan created and utilizes a nine member board of Military and Veteran advisors. The board counsels the school’s leadership on all matters relating to military students, creating a university that is familiar with and sensitive to military culture. Using this knowledge of military culture, Sullivan focuses on helping its Veteran students transition into campus life, and ultimately into the ranks of civilian employment.

Students who attend Sullivan University Systems are educated, trained and prepared for employment in a variety of fields. The school offers vocational certificates, Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degrees and even PHD programs in management, and is one of only two schools in Kentucky that offer a Doctor of Pharmacy program. Sullivan is also famous for its culinary program, which is part of its National Center for Hospitality Studies. All of Sullivan’s graduates have lifetime access to their career resources network that will provide them with assistance with résumé writing, interviews and even provide leads for jobs. This ideology has made Sullivan a career starting point for many non-traditional students including military Veterans.

One major complaint of military students around the country is that most schools’ academic plans were created for traditional students, those who went from high school straight to college. But Sullivan University Systems has made it a point to be the premiere career starting point for non-traditional students. Sullivan does not believe in “cookie cutter” or one size fits all academic programs. The school is intent on providing all of its students with a high quality education, consisting of an individual focus on each student’s personal needs and goals.

Military Connection is proud to announce Sullivan University Systems as a recipient of the “Veteran School Salute.” Sullivan provides its students with a high quality education and integrates military students into their academic culture. For Sullivan’s service to their military students, Military Connection salutes you!

Only Veteran-friendly colleges, universities and vocational schools that go above and beyond are eligible to be awarded the “Veteran School Salute. If there is a school deserving of being “saluted” for its efforts in providing the best educational services for its Veteran Students, please let us know at [email protected]. We would love to recognize other schools so that Veterans will be cognizant of the very best schools for them.