Veteran Schools and Colleges

As a new or long-term military veteran, schools and colleges can be intimidating; after spending countless days and hours on active duty, it is natural to feel unsure about attending colleges for veterans, universities for veterans, vocational schools for veterans or certificate programs for veterans. However, school programs and colleges for veterans are some of the best ways to become reintegrated into civilian life. Veteran education provides a sense of discipline and expectation similar to the military; Veterans attending colleges will be expected to have and reach goals, work individually and as a team and show progress. Veterans can receive high quality learning by continuing their education at a veteran-friendly college or school.

Veteran colleges and schools allow for a wide range of options to fill any schedule, career-goal and personality. The following are some of the most popular choices for types of veteran schools and colleges.

Online/Distance-Learning for Veterans: It is not always possible for veterans to uproot their families in order to travel to traditional colleges. Veteran college classes and degrees are available through online classes and can be complete at individual paces. Veteran online schools and colleges still give support from professors and the distance-learning department so that all your questions can be answered. Veterans are also eligible for $700 a month in tax free living expenses.

Traditional Schools/Colleges: More veterans are seeking an education at a traditional university. Veteran-friendly schools and colleges can be found nationwide and offer associates, bachelor, master and doctorate programs in your field.

Veteran Vocational Schools: Veterans are attending more veteran friendly trade schools and colleges. Ranging from mechanics to architecture to health professions to aviation, veteran vocational schools are rising in popularity due to their shorter timelines and specific job outlines. College is not for everyone and learning a trade is an excellent option.