Other Veteran Schools

Veteran Vocational Schools

Veteran Vocation Schools are a reliable engine for success by creating opportunities and putting the “impossible” within reach. And the kind of education most directly relevant to getting jobs and creating careers is Veteran Vocational Training and Veteran Technical Training. This Veteran Vocational Training that is provided by Veteran Vocational Schools upgrades your job skills and opportunities in a particular trade, occupation or profession.

Veteran Vocational and Veteran Technical offers the fastest turnaround from classroom to workplace, from new skills to paychecks. There are hundreds of promising occupations out there that you may not have thought of for people of every interest and aptitude. Veteran Vocational schools offer the high school graduate as well as people who haven’t yet finished high school, practical, occupation-specific training for Veterans. The setting is community colleges, trade schools, technical institutes, and junior colleges, some of them public, some private. And, of course, your own living room through Online Veteran Vocational Training and Distance Vocational Training.

Vocational training for Veterans in an in-demand career is an investment in your economic future. Use your Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to train for a position in electronics and HVAC industry, or in an automotive industry, healthcare, paralegal or IT technology. Whatever you select, Veteran Vocational Education should be part of your post-military life goals.

Veteran Online Education

Veteran Online Education is popular way to earn a degree at your own pace and speed. Veteran Online Education and Veteran Distance Education are an excellent ways to change a career, obtain career advancement or finish a degree program. Even though classroom learning may be considered more traditional, Veteran online education is beneficial in it own right. Veteran Online Education is designed for working Veterans.

An online military education can accommodate the busy lives of service members and veteran learners. Online military and online veteran education is a convenient way to attain your degree. Higher education adds tremendous value to the quality of life enjoyed by individual Americans, the strength of our nation’s economy, and the health of our communities.

Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

Active service members that make frequent moves from place to place find it difficult to finish a degree. The military recognized that they needed to expand and improve education opportunities for service members stationed around the world. The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges program (SOC) was created in 1972.

The SOC is an association of more than 1550 colleges and universities that ensure service members are given sufficient educational opportunities. The SOC association of schools has agreed to work together to make it easier for you and your family members to enroll in college programs by simplifying credit transfers and reducing residency requirements (the credits required to earn a degree at a given school). In addition, SOC schools normally offer distance learning programs, as well as degree programs and individual courses.