How to Make the Most of a Job Fair

Benefits of a Job Fair

  • Talk face to face with professionals who are difficult to reach
  • Save time and expense of mailing your resume
  • Meet with other job seekers and network in your profession
  • Focus your energy on companies that are actively seeking new employees
  • Make a good impression in a way that a resume cannot – with a smile and a handshake

Why do companies participate?

  • To be seen – visibility – PR – Marketing vehicle
  • To attract good applicants / Hiring for openings
  • To educate the public on its mission and purpose
  • Building up applicant pool for future openings

Before the Job Fair

  • Research Companies
  • Know who you want to connect with at the Job Fair
  • Be open to opportunities

During the Job Fair

  • Dress and act professionally. You may be meeting your new boss for the first time and you do not want your first impression to be anything less than professional. Your purpose is to make a good impression and create an opening for further contact.
  • Talk to someone at each booth. Use your preparation knowledge during this approach – use your (30 to 60-second commercial and ask questions you have prepared that demonstrate knowledge of your field.
  •  Do not be shy – if the rep does not handle the opening directly, ask for referral.
  •  Take business card/company materials
  •  Ask them what their next step is – May you follow up, when and how should you follow up?
  •  THANK them for their time
  •  Take reminder notes of your conversation.

Interview Follow Up Tasks

  • Thank all of the contacts met during the Job Fair
  • Proof read all communications
  • Send a Follow-up thank you note within two business days
  • Follow-up with employment leads and employers
  • Address employers’ issues and concerns
  • Update and Follow-up with your references
  • Act on the next steps with speed and appropriateness