Expert PTSD Advice From Dr. Gregory Jantz realizes that PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (also referred to as PTS, Post Traumatic Stress) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are the signature wounds of the War On Terror. It is important to provide our service members and veterans important information from experts in the fields of PTSD and TBI. We want to provide up-to-date PTSD information and TBI information so those who serve and their loved ones can make important decisions.

It is our pleasure to feature the articles of Dr. Gregory Jantz. Dr Jantz is a mental health expert and the an internationally recognized author. He has authored more than 26 books. Dr. Jantz is the Founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., known as “A Place of Hope”, a leading healthcare facility based in Seattle. The treatment center offers therapy programs for individuals, teens, families, even celebrities, who struggle with addiction, stress, abuse, depression, PTSD, weight loss, unhealthy body image, relationship problems and more.

Gregory Jantz is a regular media contributor and lends his expertise to top news outlets around the world. Dr. Jantz and The Center have been featured on CNN Headline News, CBS, The Dr. Phil Show, The 700 Club, and in The Associated Press, Reuters, Forbes,,,, New York Post, Yahoo News, USA Today, Family Circle, Woman’s Day and many more! He is a regular Relationship guest for New Day Northwest in Seattle, and also hosts a weekly live radio program on KCIS 630 am.

Dr. Gregory Jantz PhD, specializes in emotional counseling, depression, stress disorders including PTSD and grief recovery. He is a go-to media source for commentary on national as well as international traumatic events in the news. He regularly works with patients afflicted with PTSD and other stress related illnesses. Dr. Jantz is the Author of several mental health books including, “Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse,” “How to De-Stress Your Life,” “Happy for the Rest of Your Life,” and “Moving Beyond Depression: A Whole-Person Approach to Healing.” He also has expertise also in Addiction Therapy, Relationships & Parenting and Eating Disorders and Weight Loss.

Date Article
10/17/2013 Could hyperbaric oxygen treatment help veterans suffering from PTSD?
9/26/2013 Recognizing the signs of PTSD in your Veteran
8/23/2013 Children of Veterans with PTSD are often the smallest victims of this condition
8/23/2013 EMDR treatment shows promise for veterans with PTSD
8/23/2013 VA to commit $5 million to trials studying the effect of meditation on PTSD
5/17/2013 Meditation Lifeline for Veterans With PTSD
5/6/2013 Man’s best friend proves to have healing powers for veterans suffering from PTSD
5/6/2013 Studies show that PTSD in veterans adversely affects the health of their partners
3/7/2013 Yoga proving useful in helping veterans suffering from PTSD
3/1/2013 Is the veteran in your life suffering from PTSD?
1/10/2013 Don’t Treat PTSD With ‘Medical Marijuana’
11/30/2012 Vets With PTSD Can Take Charge of Their Recovery
11/19/2012 Suicide Among Military Personnel At An All-Time High
11/19/2012 Mental Health Resources for Vets and Soldiers Receive Boost from Presidential Order
11/19/2012 PTSD Sufferers Can Make Choices To Help Their Recovery

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