VetTechTrek Launches Project Standard for Veterans


By Debbie Gregory.

Over the last 12 months, VetTechTrek has been working towards a goal of helping military veterans network with the technology industry. To that end, they hosted multiple “treks,” personal visits for 180 veterans and military spouses inside of 60 of the world’s best tech companies. Some of the companies represented have included Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and seed fundY Combinator.

The nonprofit was started by Steve Weiner and Mike Slagh, two navy veterans who now work in the tech industry in San Francisco.

A victim of its own success, VetTechTrek was overwhelmed with requests from both veterans and companies wanting to participate. The next problem to solve was how best to make their resources more readily available.

The solution is Project Standard, an e-learning platform that will house a library of resources to help veterans build great post-military careers. Project Standard will provide unprecedented access to tools and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of transitioning veterans who seek meaning and success in their next career.

It’s no secret veterans represent a diverse asset that immediately augments an organization’s culture and ability to drive global impact.

While the group will continue running a few in-person treks each year, the majority of the nonprofit’s resources will be dedicated to Project Standard.

According to the VetTechTrek blog, Weiner and Slagh said, “The military reinvents itself faster than any organization in the world and the needs of its service members will continue to change rapidly. As recently transitioned veterans, we have a short window to make a lasting impact on the one million professionals who have held huge responsibilities very early in their lives and who will transition to the US economy in the next four years.”

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