VA Website Offers New PTSD Program Locator

VA website

By Debbie Gregory.

A common reason that Veterans use for not seeking the help they need is that they don’t know where to go to get that help. A steady string of campaigns designed to modernize the VA is making that excuse as obsolete as a rotary phone.

During the last few years, the VA has implemented many new additions to its website Previously, Veterans had to rely on large, hard to navigate booklets or word of mouth advice to learn about their Veterans benefits. If they sought support via the telephone or in person at the VA, Veterans would spend hours on the phone or waiting in person to talk to VA representatives. Now that the VA has entered the Information Age, a wealth of benefits information and resources are just a click away.

One of the latest additions to the site is the VA’s PTSD Program Locator. You can follow the link provided, or navigate to it from the VA’s home page by hovering over the “Locations” tab, and clicking on “Hospitals and Clinics.” From that page, on the left of the screen, you can select from a list of VA resources that include the “PTSD Program Locator.”

The locator page offers Veterans and other users of the site an interactive map of the U.S., state by state. Users just click on their state and they will be prompted to a list of facilities in their state that offer the services they need. It will be up to the user to determine which of the listed VA centers is most convenient for them. Veterans should know that all VA centers and facilities offer PTSD treatment, and many other offerings too, even if they are not listed for that particular site.

Veterans needs to familiarize themselves with the VA’s website and its resources. The days of not taking advantage of your Veterans benefits due to lack of information are over. Veterans have earned their benefits through military service, and need to be aware of what they are and how to make utilize them. Veterans are encourage to take a few minutes to browse the VA’s website at and see what the VA can do for you.