ATTN: Kentucky Veterans: LG&E and KU Want to Hire YOU!


By Debbie Gregory.

This year, thousands of Veterans are looking for new careers. Many of these Veterans are also recent college graduates, or are soon to be grads, courtesy of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. The ability to find employment that is both satisfying and sustainable has become an issue for Veterans throughout the country. A major complaint among Veterans is that they don’t know where to find employers that will hire them into career jobs. Well, there is good news for Veterans in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville Gas and Electric Co. (LG&E) and Kentucky Utilities Co. (KU), Kentucky’s largest energy provider, is in the midst of launching a hiring campaign. The hiring managers at LG&E and KU have expressed their desire to hire qualified Veterans who apply.

The utility provider already employs more than 300 reservists and Veterans as part of their work force. And LG&E/ KU is so impressed with the work ethic displayed via a “mission accomplishment” attitude that they want to add more military and Veterans to their force.

The company sets standards for their employees similar to the values maintained by the U.S. military. LG&E/ KU holds their people to a practice of “No Compromise” when it comes to safety. As a result of their safety practices, they have one of the best safety records in the country, spanning all industries. LG&E/ KU believes that hiring current and former military personnel contributes to their standards, as military men and women did not compromise safety as part of their experience with performing their duties.

LG&E and KU provide electricity across the state of Kentucky and sections of Virginia. Part of their service is the commitment to round the clock dependability to repair and restore power to their communities, regardless of weather conditions. Who better than the men and women who have extensive experience with working with a sense of purpose and duty?

Available positions include industrial electricians, field technicians, trade and craft positions, engineers, administrative workers, and customer services representatives.

LG&E and KU have been recognized as one of Kentucky’s leading employers for employees ability to balance work and family life. They see employees as the company’s most vital resource. It is for that reason that they offer a competitive benefits package that includes tuition assistance, professional development opportunities and a veterans’ resource group; along with medical, dental and vision; a 401(k) plan; life insurance; flexible schedules; paid holidays; sick days, personal days and vacation days; paid jury duty and paid military leave.

Also located in Kentucky is “Veteran School Salute” awardee Sullivan University System. Sullivan University System has maintained an academic partnership with the military for more than 30 years, when the leadership at nearby Ft. Knox requested the university train Army cooks in the culinary arts. Today, that academic partnership extends beyond the realm of active duty service members. More than 10% of Sullivan’s 7,000 students are either active duty military, Reservists, Veterans, or military dependents. Sullivan focuses on helping its Veteran students transition into campus life, and ultimately into the ranks of civilian employment.