VA Announces Positive Changes for GI Bill

According to a recent story in Army Times, The Veterans Affairs Department has announced that it plans to implement an automatic system to better facilitate the processing of GI Bill benefits claims. Since the bill was enacted in 2008 and the VA began dispersing benefits, it has stumbled upon several obstacles, including delayed processing times. According to VA education service director, Keith Wilson, processing times of Post-9/11 GI Bill claims takes so long (averaging 82 minutes) because applications “require manual processing using four separate IT systems that do not interface with each other.”

The implementation of an automatic processing system would minimize the amount of human hands that handle each claim. The electronic system would process claims in 15 to 20 minutes and produce even more accurate results than previously recorded. The new system is set to be installed in a series of phases to easily transition the procedure.

Subsequent phases will be integrated into the system in the following months of September and December and will culminate in a nearly-fully electronic processing system.

For more information on the Post-9/11 GI Bill, including eligibility, requirements and processing procedures, visit MilitaryConnection’s GI Bill information page.

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Katy Cryns