Letters from Hollywood – Robert Davi

Robert Davi is the son of a Navy Gunner who earned a Purple Heart and served during World War II. Davi might be known as a Hollywood Tough Guy but when it comes to those who serve, he has a huge heart. Robert Davi is one of the film industry’s most recognized tough guys, whether on the big screen or on television.From his portrayal of James Bond villain Franz Sanchez to FBI profiler Bailey Malone in “Profiler” (1996), The show, currently in syndication, struck a chord with audiences, paving the way for such shows as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2000), “Without a Trace” (2002), “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2001) and many others. His work as a Palestinian terrorist Salim Ajami in an award-winning TV movie brought him critical acclaim and caught the eye of legendary James Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli, who cast Davi as Colombian drug lord and lead villain Franz Sanchez in the Bond film License to Kill (1989). Davi is a native New Yorker.

Dear Troops,

One of the fondest and lasting images I had as a child was on every Memorial Day, Veterans Day and 4th of July, my dad, who was a Navy gunner on a Merchant Marine ship during World War 2, raised the American flag and put on his Navy uniform, till he died in his mid-fifties. His ship was torpedoed and he was on a raft for 3 days before being picked up. He received a Purple Heart. He never spoke about his experiences and I was too young to have a heart to heart with him about them. What I do know and what he handed down to me was a love for Our Country and the men and woman who serve her to protect our Freedoms . His Father, a Sicilian immigrant, also received a Purple Heart and an Oak Leaf Cluster during World War 1 ,when he served in the Army Infantry. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WHO SERVE and have SERVED and for the sacrifice you and your families have made for us here at home. We live in a time when the very values that our country was founded on seem to be under attack and where confusion is used to weaken the resolve and will of the people . But make NO MISTAKE: There is no more important gift then what you are giving to US.

On behalf of myself and my 5 children we say -God Bless to you all. Know that you have our Love and Support,

Robert Davi