Military Connection: Navy Seal Found Not Guilty of Fabricating Shooting

Military Connection: Former Navy Seal Heben

By Debbie Gregory.

After considerable publicity and controversy, former Navy Seal Chris Heben was found not guilty in the case accusing him of falsifying details that he was victim of a shooting in Bath Township, Ohio.

On March 28, 2014, Heben filed a report that he was approached by three black men in a shopping center parking lot. The altercation resulted in Heben being shot in the abdomen and the assailants fleeing by car.  Heben attempted to chase the car, but felt the effects of blood loss and drove to the Bath Fire Department. Emergency responders treated him and brought him to Akron General Hospital for surgery.

Circumstances causing Heben’s account to be questionable lied in the lack of evidence to prove his story.  The Bath police investigation of video recordings from establishments in the area did not reveal the presence of the attacker’s vehicle nor of Heben’s chase.  The geo-locator in Heben’s phone was not pointing to the location of the incident, and bystanders did not report hearing gun fire.

The misdemeanor trial for falsifying a police report began March 31, 2015. Heben, representing himself in his defense, repeated the testimony he originally provided.  The state was unable to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

After serving with the United States Navy SEALS, 45-year-old Heben had been hired by a private military contractor as a team leader, specifically for Special Ops units.  He has been a public figure appearing on television and film and has been a motivational speaker. Additionally he shares his musical talents with audiences and is in the process of promoting his first album, “The Patriot Project” as well as penning an autobiography entitled “Undaunted”.

Most recently, Heben has been cited as the spokesman for a new broadcast and digital marketing campaign for Montrose Auto Group.  Founder and CEO Michael Thompson sees Heben as the best candidate to promote their campaign message of “No Customer Left Behind”, appealing to their customers’ patriotism.

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Military Connection: Navy Seal Found Not Guilty of Fabricating Shooting Story: by Debbie Gregory