Green Beret-UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy on ISIS Threat List


By Debbie Gregory.

Following credible threats against him by followers of the Islamic State, Special Forces soldier and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy responded with four words: “Let those cowards come.”

Kennedy served in 7th Special Forces Group, and is now a sergeant first class with the Texas National Guard.

Threats are nothing new to Kennedy. He says that the majority of them come from what he calls “military trolls” who target high-profile military figures.

The FBI reached out to Kennedy, asking him if he was aware of the threats. Kennedy said he was. According to the mixed martial artist, the reason nobody has tried to kill him is simple.

“That’s because they are nothing but cowardly and impotent murderers who prey on the weak. They look for soft targets who don’t know how to defend themselves. They seek out the most defenseless in order to make themselves appear stronger than they really are. I’m not a soft target and they hate that.”

When Kennedy isn’t taunting terrorists into trying to kill him he can usually be found training for MMA, where he holds an impressive 18-5 record.

Kennedy enlisted in 2003 under the 18X (Special Forces candidate) program. He attended basic training and Airborne school at Fort Benning GA as an 11B (Infantry), before he continued Special Forces training at Fort Bragg North Carolina.

“What’s the definition of terrorism?” Kennedy said. “It’s to achieve an objective through the use of force and fear. These are just nasty, evil, disgusting human beings who disrespect human life. I teach people how to live with threats like this. Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online?”

Kennedy is currently assigned to Special Operations Detachment (A) as a Senior Special Forces Weapons Sgt.

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