Military Connection: Army Vet’s Movie Deal: By Debbie Gregory

Army Vet Movie

Former Army Sgt. Daniel Rodriguez story is being made into a major motion picture, and what a story it is!

Sgt. Rodriguez earned a Bronze Star with a “V” for valor, and a Purple Heart for his actions during the Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan. If his gallantry and survival through war weren’t noteworthy enough, Rodriguez is currently a player on the Clemson University Football team.

Like many Veterans, Sgt. Rodriguez’s pathway to success was not a straight, paved road. Rodriquez had to battle depression during his first few years as a Veteran before he found his way.

Rodriguez wrote a book about overcoming his post-military obstacles, and his journey from an Army uniform to a Clemson Tigers’ uniform. The book is titled “Rise: A Soldier, a Dream and a Promise Kept” and it will be available starting October 7, 2014.

TriStar Productions won the bidding war to make Rodriguez’s story into a movie.

Both in printed form and on the big screen, Rodriguez hopes that his story will inspire and motivate other Veterans to find their way to success after leaving the military.

Rodriguez is scheduled to graduate in December, and hopefully he and his college teammates will play in a late December or early January bowl game. After that, the Army Veteran is headed to Hollywood to assist on the production of the movie.

Veterans are used to taking cues and pointers from those who came before them. Any Veteran or service member struggling to find their way in life after they take off their Military uniform are encouraged to read Rodriguez’s book, or see the upcoming movie.

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Military Connection: Army Vet’s Movie Deal: By Debbie Gregory