Military Connection: Bin Laden’s Shooter Unmasked: By Debbie Gregory

SEAL Team 6Superheroes are often disguised in order to protect their identities. Should the former Navy Sea, Air, Land (S.E.A.L.) Team 6 member who supposedly fired the kill shot on Osama Bin Laden reveal his identity?

Currently, a two-part documentary entitled, “The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden” is scheduled to air on FOX News Channel on November 11th-12th, at 10:00 PM Eastern. It has been publicized that the former S.E.A.L. Team 6 who fired that fatal shot on May 2, 2011, is going to reveal his identity on the two-day special.

The documentary is supposed to give viewers the inside story of the events that led up to the operation on the compound in Pakistan where Bin Laden was residing, as well as a firsthand account of the mission itself.

The “shooter” was interviewed by Esquire magazine in 2013, but kept his identity secret. With the making of this documentary, many Americans, especially those from the military and Veteran communities, are left wondering whether the “shooter” should reveal his identity.

First, there is the safety concern. Will this Veteran ever be safe again if his identity is revealed to the world? The answer is, probably not. Every extremist group and lone wolf looking to score points with al-Qaida will be gunning for this man for the rest of his life. Even if this retired Navy SEAL feels like he can protect himself, unfortunately, he most likely won’t be able to protect those close to him for long.

Next, there is the question of legality. This Navy Veteran should still be bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that he would have signed while still active. NDAs are sworn statements where service members promise that they will not disclose information that is sensitive to national defense.

Let us hope that this Veteran is not endangering himself, his loved ones, or national security through his participation in the documentary. It would be a shame to see a Veteran be targeted or incriminated for any reason.

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Military Connection: Bin Laden’s Shooter Unmasked: By Debbie Gregory