Like Father, Like Son- A Military Tradition

travis boys

By Debbie Gregory.

In some families, military service is much more than an echo of history. It’s a tradition threaded through generation after generation, as alive and thriving as ever. The Travis family is one of those.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Thomas Travis joined the Army in 1984. He is a jumpmaster and rotary wing advisor for U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command Now, his son Josh has followed in his footsteps.

“Our family’s military history goes all the way back to a Norman chief named Travers who crossed the channel with William the Conqueror,” Tom Travis said. “In the U.S., our family fought in the Revolution, the war for Texas independence, both sides of the Civil War; and my father and uncle fought in WWII in the Pacific.”

Pvt. Joshua Travis joined the Army in 2015

“My dad was my inspiration to join the Army, and go to Airborne School, and while I was at Airborne School, he got to jump with me on my second jump,” Josh Travis said. “I feel a lot of pride in being able to jump with my dad, and in him basically passing on the torch to me, so to speak.”

Although Tom Travis’s 30-year military career is winding down, he has had “a lot of fun” doing what he loves.

His words of wisdom for his son?

“Always do the right thing even when no one is watching and learn from both good and bad leadership experiences,” he said. “Remember that all jobs are important, so give those troops the respect they deserve. Be able to lead and follow.”

“I am very proud of my son for choosing this path. I have always tried to guide and advise him, but the decision to join the military should always rest with the individual. A parent should never push their son or daughter into serving,” Tom Travis said.

Josh Travis said that he looks forward to the possibility of one day sharing with his own son or daughter the same experiences he’s had with his father.

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