Military Connection: Register to Vote! By Debbie Gregory

votingThe voters information pamphlets are arriving in mailboxes around the country. If you haven’t received yours, and you plan to vote in the November elections, now is the time to request an absentee ballot. And if you’re not yet registered to vote, residents of most states still have time to do so.

The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) is designed to make it easier for military and overseas voters to vote absentee. By using a variety of online tools, including training and assistance resources, FVAP provides voting help to absentee voters and voting assistance officers around the world.

Anyone interested in voting in the upcoming elections needs to make sure to register as soon as possible and request an absentee ballot. This is especially true for service members and military spouses who may be living outside of their home state, or outside of the country.

Absentee voters also need to be sure to check their state’s deadline for receiving the completed ballot.Voting deadlines can differ from state to state, so absentee voters need to be aware. For example, the voter registration deadline for California is October 28th, but in Texas, it is October 6th.

Using the tools provided at can help military personnel and other absentee voters be cognizant of the deadlines for their state, as well as their state’s voting procedures.

To get started with the Federal Post Card Application to register to vote and request an absentee ballot, go to and follow the instructions provided.

FVAP has sent email reminders to military personnel about the upcoming elections, with the most recent one sent on September 5th. The FVAP office has also provided a link on the milConnect website where troops can change their address, among other things.

Service members should also be aware that all states provide an electronic delivery method for military and overseas voters, including email, fax and online methods.

Service members understand the responsibility and the privilege of voting. Make sure that you take every measure necessary to cast your vote in November.

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Military Connection: Register to Vote! By Debbie Gregory