Military Connection: Air Force to Open New Nuclear Training Center


By Debbie Gregory.

The Air Force Global Strike Command recently unveiled plans to create a new education center, designed to train leaders in the nuclear field.

The new facility will be known as the Nuclear Leadership Development Center, and will be housed at Barksdale Air Force Base, near Bossier City, Louisiana. The Global Strike Command intends for the center to help educate nuclear airmen, and make them better leaders. The new facility will help ensure that airmen get the proper training, find opportunities for assignments, and assist them in reaching their full career potential, while complementing other educational and professional development programs.

The Global Strike Command pushed for the new facility after growing concerns over the Air Force’s lack of focus on the branch’s nuclear mission, and the shortage of development opportunities for airmen in the nuclear field. The Global Strike Command hopes that the creation of the Nuclear Leadership Development Center will allow the Air Force to address those shortcomings, while bringing back a nuclear focus to the command’s education and professional development programs.

The Air Force has not yet released a date for the center’s opening, as the project is still in the planning stages. The Air Force is still developing a curriculum of both classroom and online training courses for airmen to take.

The center will first develop a curriculum of nuclear education and professional development for officers, and will later develop similar curriculum for enlisted personnel, as well as one for civilians. The purpose of the Nuclear Leadership Development Center will be to create a culture that inspires leaders and makes them nuclear experts.

A facility of this type will prove to be beneficial to the service members and civilians who are selected for education. Whether they choose to continue to serve in the Air Force, or other departments of the DOD, or eventually move on to become civilian contractors, training at a facility such as this could really boost both military and civilian careers.

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Military Connection: Air Force to Open New Nuclear Training Center: By Debbie Gregory