Navy’s Massive Information Technology Transformation


By Debbie Gregory.

There’s an app for everything. Sailors in the United States Navy may soon be relying on their smart phones to find their next duty assignment, take care of administrated related paperwork, and even request reenlistment. This is because the Navy is embarking on a massive information technology transformation.

This system may launch as soon as sometime this year. It will assist in managing day-to-day details and change how sailors are assigned, promoted and retained.

The Navy will use a cloud-based portal with easy to use apps, relying on an array of well-known American technology companies to convert off the shelf technology to fit the Navy’s requirements. Until now, all personnel data was maintained on Defense Department servers and internal information systems.

“We are going be able to make all of our transactions services completely mobile accessible,” said Vice-Admiral. Robert Burke. “If you get married, you take a photo of your marriage certificate and upload it and you’re done. You’ll never have to go to the office to do it.”

Unlike many military systems that are built from scratch and take years to develop, the Navy’s plans to contract with private sector tech companies to customize existing systems will provide a faster and easier launch.

The Navy will begin testing a new pay and personnel system this summer, concurrently with the existing system to avoid any preliminary hiccups. After that, the system will be updated when there are new features, and will be accessible to sailors via the My Navy Portal.

The new database will also be able to track sub-specialties of each sailor as well as a detailed account of their training history. As a result, officials will be able to project what additional training sailors need.

The database can explore enlisted sailor past retention behaviors to “set the market” for present and future bonuses too.

Sailors might receive smaller bonuses but be guaranteed a home port. Others might accept the Navy’s critical need billet, but net more money and advanced training along the way.

Technology is changing the military for the better.

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