Navy Veteran Seeking to Reclaim Pullup Title


By Debbie Gregory.

Rodney Hahn is a Navy veteran and fitness trainer who smashed two Guinness World Records for pullups.

In 2015, Hahn did 6,737 pullups in 24 hours.  In 2016, a Virginia teen took the title by doing 7,300 pullups. Hahn tried to win the title back, but fell short  when he completed 6,844 pull-ups. But it wasn’t all for nothing as Hahn was able to raise $8,000 for the Navy Seal Fund.

Hahn, who is 56 years old, wants his title back. His goal is to do 8,000 pullups in a single day.

Hahn, who has been a fitness trainer for 20 years, understands what it takes.  He works out six days a week to build endurance.   He believes the most challenging part of the challenge to regain his title is sleep deprivation.

The Virginia Beach native understands that to achieve his goals, he needs to train in increments.

Hahn is not content to just break the pullups record again.  He also wants to break two other world records, including doing more than 30 chin-ups in a minute with a 20 pound weight onboard, and doing more than 57 pushups in a minute with a 60 pound weight onboard.  He wants to achieve this before his next birthday when he will be turning 57.

Hahn believes that the 8,000 push-ups in a single 24 hours is the easier of the goals to achieve.

We at commend Rodney Hahn and wish him success in achieving all of his goals.

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