Military Tapping Civilians with High Tech Skills


By Debbie Gregory.

High Tech Jobs for Civilians and High Tech Jobs For Military are in huge demand. Many civilians with high tech skills are taking a break from their private sector jobs to help America’s technological fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Pentagon has ramped up its efforts to incorporate cyber technology into its daily military fight, including new ways to disrupt the enemy’s communications, recruiting, fundraising and propaganda.

Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, commander of U.S. Army Cyber Command, said that Guard and Reserve members need to step up their technical expertise in digital forensics, math crypto-analysis and writing computer code.

“I would like to know every single person that has been trained as a certified ethical hacker,” he said.

The Army Reserve is starting a pilot program cataloging soldiers’ talents. Among 190,000 Army reservists, Nakasone said there might be up to 15,000 with some type of cyber-related skills. But there are legal and privacy hurdles, and any database hinges on reservists voluntarily and accurately providing information on their capabilities.

“We are at the forefront of one of the most transformative times in our Army’s history, operating in a dynamic and challenging domain that is revolutionizing the way our Army fights and wins,” Nakasone said. “Our focus will be on defending our networks, data and weapons systems, delivering effects against our adversaries in and through cyberspace, and designing, building, deploying and integrating capabilities for the future fight, spanning cyberspace, electronic warfare and information operations.”

Nakasone said others in the civilian high-tech industry are interested in helping.

While the Army has to compete for talent  with the private sector, which pays vastly better and doesn’t send you to be shot at, the military offers other incentives.

Besides the call to service, there’s the opportunity to do things that cyber professionals can’t do in civilian life. Well, they could, but if they did, they could be arrested for doing so.

The United States military is the largest user of technology worldwide. Additionally, there is a huge demand for military high tech jobs in both the private and government sectors. Military high tech jobs and Veteran High Tech Jobs pay some of the highest salaries.

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