Military Connection: DOD Announces New Best Practices for Spending

newsa_DLAImage1_220914020442By Debbie Gregory.

In the business world, the companies that continue to evolve with new technology are the ones that triumph over the competition. The same case can be said for militaries. Through the course of history, the mightiest military powers were laid to waste at the feet of new technologies. The powers that lasted the longest were those who kept on top of new weapons and defensive measures. They were also the powers that were willing to keep an open mind and open budget to these changes.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is implementing a new spending initiative designed to maintain the U.S. military’s technological edge over any and all potential adversaries and countries.

The DOD is calling their program “Better Buying Power 3.0.” As the numerical inclusion in the name implies, the new initiative is built upon previous programs. The original Better Buying Power (BBP) program was launched in 2010. An upgraded version, BBP 2.0, was introduced in November 2012.

The Better Buying Power initiative ties to the Long-Range Research and Development Planning Program. BBP calls for closer ties to the private sector, and the development of new technologies for military use.

Better Buying Power 3.0 was announced as the revised version of the best practices designed to strengthen the DOD’s buying power, and provide an affordable technological impact for the U.S. military.

Like the earlier versions, 3.0 will continue the affordability caps for programs. The DOD will continue to emphasize “should-cost” structures for programs. Competition will continue and the program will encourage effective incentives.

The 3.0 version is different from its predecessors in that it will shift emphasis towards the gradual improvement in many different areas across the DOD. BBP 3.0 will focus on those who execute contracts in all levels of the process.

One of the key areas that the program will focus research and development resources in will be cyber security.

Many other countries have been funneling their money and resources into military research and development. The DOD contends that if the U.S. is to maintain its technological superiority, some changes will have to be made.

“Better Buying Power 3.0 really is animated by an urgent concern of ours, and that is what we see to be a steady erosion of our technological superiority that we have relied upon for so long in all of our defense strategies,” said Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work. “We all think this is one of the biggest issues facing our department and our nation.”

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Military Connection: DOD Announces New Best Practices for Spending: By Debbie Gregory