Following the Audience Online: Military Connection

Following the Audience Online

By Debbie Gregory.

The role that social media plays in the lives of military families is enormous, whether the service person is on duty in the United States, overseas, or in a war zone. It also plays a role in the reintegration of military personnel into civilian life

Soon, service members and families are about to see a social media push to get the word out about available resources designed to help them as they navigate military life.

In the past, getting information to service members and their families has been a longstanding problem. The answer seems to be obvious- this audience is best reached online.

Approximately 81 percent of active-duty members are younger than 35. Reaching this targeted audience involves thinking about how and why they use social media. It a fact that many military families and service members use social media to stay connected during deployments, keep in touch with each other, and find information and resources.

Service members and their families continue to use social media in similar ways to their civilian peers It is a given that troops and their families still want timely and accurate information about resources that can help them.

One of the first two initial digital marketing strategies to be launched is a campaign to increase financial readiness. Military service members stressed about money are likely to be distracted during a mission. Service members can also lose security clearances because of financial mismanagement. More than ever, financial readiness has a direct impact on military readiness.

The second of the two campaigns is to inform military families about available resources to protect and strengthen their families, aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect.

“Providing resources and engaging with military families is both a national security issue and a moral imperative,” said Rosemary Freitas Williams, a senior Pentagon official responsible for military community and family policy.

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