Military Connection: “MTV’s Got Your 6” Premieres: By Debbie Gregory

mtv got your 6MTV has announced the premiere of its new Veteran-centric documentary, “MTV’s Got Your 6” this Veterans Day. Veterans from every branch of service are familiar enough with military jargon to know that the show’s title translates to “I’ve got your back.”

To make the documentary, four young Veterans are filmed as they return from Afghanistan and transition into civilian life. The documentary offers the American public a never-before-seen view into lives of soldiers and Marines. These service members have survived combat and returned home, only to find a different set of struggles facing them in their hometowns. Viewers will be able to witness the weight that this most recent generation of combat Veterans carry as they battle PTSD, anxiety, relationship problems, and preparing themselves for their next phases of life. The documentary defines the roles that family, friendships and community play in helping these soldiers transition into civilian life.

Since 2001, approximately two million Americans have deployed in support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Veterans from these wars have become the latest “political football,” with the general public putting pressure on politicians and government agencies to address the issues face by these young Millennials. Although the American people see and read about what these young warriors have been through, and what lies ahead for them, nothing beats a first-hand account, and who better to show you than the Veterans themselves.

“MTV’s Got Your 6” uses adrenaline pumping GoPro footage that was shot by the service members on the ground in Afghanistan. The documentary allows viewers to experience the front lines, and then the journey back home. The documentary also includes candid interviews and footage from these Veterans, including their daily routines once they return home and try to carry on with the burden of their experience.

“MTV’s Got Your 6” profiles the lives of:

  • Dustin, a Marine corporal from Stephenville Texas. Dustin was spared severe injury and possible death when a young Afghani boy warned him of a landmine. Dustin is trying to enroll in an EMT training program in hopes of becoming a firefighter in his hometown.
  • Chris, from Orlando Florida, a Marine Corps Veteran whose wife gave birth to his son while he was in Afghanistan. He named his son after his best friend, a comrade who died in combat.
  • Tim “TJ” is from Sun Valley, California. TJ was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in combat. Military service runs in TJ’s family, with his father and grandfather both having served.
  • Geoffrey, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is currently a military recruiter who would jump at the chance to return to combat if the opportunity arose. But for now, Geoffrey and his fiancé are busy planning their wedding.

“MTV’s Got Your 6” will premiere on Veterans Day, Tuesday, November 11 at 5:00 p.m. ET/PT. Check your local cable provider for channel details. Throughout the day, MTV will also cover Veterans Day from a unique Millennial perspective all day, on-air and across its editorial and social platforms, in an effort to leverage attention to post-911 servicemen and women.

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Military Connection: “MTV’s Got Your 6” Premieres: By Debbie Gregory