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By Debbie Gregory.

When one looks at technological advances in the last 10 years, numerous discoveries in medicine and engineering may have been expected, but who could have known IT technology would fast path into our daily lives as it has. The internet was exploding, and while social media and commerce were finding their part in society, the potential for healthcare to be high tech was still somewhat “sci-fi”.

Impressed by the way people connected via the internet with forums and message boards, Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen was forward-minded in realizing the applications this medium could take in areas such as mental health. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Van Dahlen was very aware of the challenges, especially as it pertained to our military troops and families, in addressing acute and chronic conditions with professionals in their demographic region or specific to their health needs.

With this inspiration, Van Dahlen founded Give an Hour (GAH), a network of volunteer professionals in areas of mental health, offering resources and advice to the military, particularly those affected by the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, GAH serves military families with video chats, connecting them with services that might otherwise not be available in their area. Give an Hour partners with Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading provider of management and technology consulting services to the US government, to analyze data and ultimately deliver better services.

On Give an Hour’s horizon, the organization is hoping to create an alliance with Doctors on Demand, offering an app for families to reach healthcare professionals in a virtual environment. It is Dr. Van Dahlen’s goal to raise higher awareness of the needs of the military and their families in order to break the barriers that still exist around mental health.

Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen and her team are tireless advocates for destigmatizing the mental health issues that plague our nation’s heroes, allowing them to get the help they need, and ultimately, saving and rebuilding lives. Military Connection and CEO Debbie Gregory are proud to continue their partnership with Give an Hour.

As the Department of Veterans’ Affairs faces the undertaking of updating their overall healthcare system, Dr. Van Dahlen’s mission is even more imperative to bring a much needed high tech approach to mental healthcare.

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Military Connection: High Tech Health Care for Vets: By Debbie Gregory