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Resilience Training for Army Spouses

By Debbie Gregory.

The Army is now offering deployment resilience training to spouses to help them deal with the unique challenges they may face during pre- and post-deployment.

It is no surprise that deployment affects both the Soldier and the spouse. The key to handling the challenge is working together to both give and get support through the process. The training, delivered between one to six months before a deployment, helps the family think about ways they will stay connected throughout a deployment.

Deployment Cycle Resilience Training is offered in specific modules, depending on where the Soldier is in their deployment process.

The Pre-Deployment Resilience training gives spouses skills and communication techniques so that they can come up with creative ways to stay connected, while managing expectations.

Post-Deployment Resilience Training is delivered up to one month before, or one month after a deployment is completed, and focuses on adjustments that may be necessary upon reintegration. Reunions are a joyous time for military families, but the expectations and reality of roles and responsibilities can cause friction if expectations are not clear.

Deployment Cycle Resilience Training is required for all active, Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers, who are deploying from their home station for 90 days or more. The training is also offered for spouses and takes about two to three hours.

Eight master resilience trainers recently completed a train-the-trainer course offered by the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness’s National Capital Region, or NCR, Training Center. The course certifies these trainers to deliver Deployment Cycle Resilience Training to Soldiers and spouses, who are facing, or just returning from a deployment.

Family members who, are interested in receiving Deployment Cycle Resilience Training, may contact their local CSF2 Training Center, Army Community Service or Walter Reed Army Institute of Research’s Research Transition Office at [email protected]

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