Alaska Groups Give Away Cannabis to Veterans in Need


By Debbie Gregory.

While Alaskans technically gained the right to use medical marijuana 18 years ago, there are no state-licensed dispensaries, and only six qualifying illnesses for medical marijuana use, according to NORML. In a bold move to help the state’s veterans, private residents in Alaska are providing cannabis to veterans, free of charge.

Alaska Green Angels has been giving away cannabis for the past year. While they may appear to be a disconnected, non-cohesive group, the Angels all share a common thread- pain, and the treatment of their pain with cannabis.

Researchers in the United States and several other countries have found evidence that medical marijuana can help treat post-traumatic stress disorder, pain and anxiety.

After Alaska voted to commercialize recreational marijuana use in 2014, numerous businesses claimed that they were giving away marijuana, but they asked people to make a “donation” for the product. The Green Angels began, partially in response to what co-founder Don “DC” McKenzie called “predatory” practices against medical marijuana users, on Facebook.

The premise is a simple request/fulfillment arrangement. Post your need for cannabis and one of the members with marijuana will respond. Alaska state law says that one can legally give one ounce of marijuana to another person over the age of 21. However, under federal law it remains a crime.

The Green Angels have roughly 10 people growing cannabis, while others provide the equipment or raw materials for edibles.

Also providing cannabis products to veterans is the Alaska Veterans Cannabis Relief Organization. It began as a chapter of the national group Weed for Warriors Project, and has since become its own organization.

In addition to supplying cannabis to a couple hundred veterans, the group also helps veterans set up their own home growing operation.

CannaCare joins the Green Angels an Alaska Veterans Cannabis Relief Organization in supplying the state’s veterans with free cannabis.

Going forward, Alaska Green Angels hopes to become a non-profit organization. The plan is to continue providing free cannabis in whatever capacity possible.

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