Alternative PTSD Therapies Catching On


By Debbie Gregory.

The broad acceptance of PTSD after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has posed an unexpected challenge: what is the best way to treat it?

Traditional medical approaches usually rely on drugs, which is not terribly popular with veterans. This has given rise to hundreds of alternatives, including: therapeutic fishing, rafting, backpacking trips, horse riding, transcendental meditation, yoga, dogs, art collectives and dolphin swims, just to name a few..

There has been a marked increase in the number of veterans seeking treatment beyond drugs. New studies suggest that these therapies can be as beneficial as drugs in reducing depression and anxiety without side effects or stigma. That’s why spending some time in downward dog may be just what the clinician orders—or should consider—for veterans with PTSD.

Yoga offers a unique and ancient system to manage the mind and emotions. There are several principles that yoga has to offer which help unravel the mysteries of our experiences and their impact.

The Atlanta VA Medical Center’s recreational therapy program has partnered with the Georgia Aquarium in a program called the Veterans Immersion Program. Since its founding, the program has hosted more than 1,300 military personnel who have injuries both seen and unseen. Participants of all abilities are welcome 365 days a year to swim or dive alongside whale sharks and manta rays.

Operation Warrior Wellness (OWW), a division of the David Lynch Foundation, offers the Transcendental Meditation-based Resilient Warrior Program, a simple, easy-to-learn, evidence-based approach to relieving symptoms of PTSD and major depression and developing greater resilience to stress. Since its initial launch in 2010, the OWW initiative has partnered with leading veterans service organizations, Army and Marine bases and VA medical centers across the country.

Artists for Trauma uses artistic expression to provide a creative portal to aid recovery, process complex emotions, regain confidence and build self-acceptance after suffering a traumatic experience.

There are many more alternative therapies available. Treating PTSD is no longer a one-size-fits-all.

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Military Connection: Plan to Attend the VCC World Music and Cultural Arts Festival


By Debbie Gregory.

Mark your calendar to join Artists for Trauma (AFT) and the Valley Cultural Center (VCC) as they present the first ever VCC World Music and Cultural Arts Festival.

The celebration of the empowering, healing value of world cultural music, dance, arts, entertainment and fashion will take place on Sunday, June 7th from 1:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Warner Center Park in Woodland Hills, CA.

The VCC World Music and Arts Festival features performers and artisans from around the world, joining together to celebrate and promote the healing value and empowerment of engaging with positive cultural arts and traditions.

Musical artists slated to perform include world fusion powerhouse group Tizer Quartet; Aztec Dancers of the Valley; Brazilian singer, songwriter, lyricist, and painter, Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts; preeminent percussionist and bandleader Chalo Eduardo; Celtic rockers, The Young Dubliners; The Family Stone, featuring founding members Jerry Martini and Cynthia Robinson.

Artists for Trauma’s valuable contribution to the festival includes music, fashion, adaptive dance and live performance painting. Additionally, AFT is presenting a comprehensive Trauma Resource Village available to all visiting civilian and military trauma survivors and their families.

The 2nd Annual Artists for Trauma Adaptive Fashion Show is once again facilitated this year in participation with Koziak Productions and Macy’s By Appointment at Topanga Plaza in Canoga Park. The show features, wheelchair hip hop dance performers from the Walk and Roll Foundation as models in the fashion show.

Not to be missed is the irrefutable emerging talent of AFT volunteer artist, Lucy Ford, in her uber cool, live painting performance focusing on the AFT theme of “all you need is love.”

“The services provided by Artists for Trauma are vital to those who are recovering from a major traumatic event, including those who have served in our nation’s military,” said Debbie Gregory, CEO of “Their collaboration with the World Music and Arts Festival can truly make a difference, and I hope that everyone will come out and support them on June 7th.”

The event is free and open to the public. is a proud supporter of Artist for Trauma.

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Military Connection: Plan to Attend the VCC World Music and Cultural Arts Festival: by Debbie Gregory