The American Red Cross: Supporting the Military

The American Red Cross: Supporting the Military
From the moment when Clara Barton risked her own life and stepped on the Civil War battlefields to help fallen soldiers, the American Red Cross has meant so much to our nation’s military. When people in need see the red cross logo come their way, they know help is sure to follow.
Clara Barton formally founded the American Red Cross in 1881, but her call to service began twenty years earlier when she saw soldiers in need. While her call to service was initially military-driven, Barton’s mission was to help all in need. Today, the American Red Cross serves not only our nation’s military and their families, but also provides disaster relief, blood services, life-saving trainings and more.
There is no doubt that you have seen the American Red Cross logo in your life. There are ample opportunities for you to volunteer your resources as well – from time to money to whole or partial blood donations, everything is used and appreciated. 
To learn how you can help – visit the American Red Cross “Ways to Volunteer” page.