Army Rangers “Interstate 10” Release New Song

we miss you

By Debbie Gregory.

When you are fighting for your country, it is inevitable to form a bond with your fellow soldiers. For Army Rangers 1st Lt. Andrew Yacovone and 1st Lt. Justin Wright, collectively known as “Interstate 10,” that bond goes even deeper.

The two share a love of music, and as a duo, have released a new song called “I’m Gonna Miss You” a Memorial Day tribute.

The contemporary country pop band members, currently deployed in Afghanistan, met on their first day of infantry basic training for officers in 2014.

“I called out to the crowd and asked if anyone played guitar,” Andrew said. “Lo and behold, Justin was standing right next to me and he was like, ‘Heck yeah, I play guitar!'”

They have a video on You Tube of their first collaboration entitled “Hometown Hero” as well as an EP.

The power of music should never be underestimated. Music can be magical, a salve for all of life’s emotional wounds. It can be a time machine, transporting the listener to another place and time, stirring up old memories.

Studies have been conducted on the healing power of calm music, its ability to sooth in a way unlike pretty much anything else imaginable. It’s transformative. It can change your mood, it can slow your heart rate, it can soothe invasive thoughts. There’s something about it that takes you out of a situation and gives you respite.

“Most of our music is written on deployment,” Justin said. “You think of the restaurant where you want to eat at, and you think of where you’ll take a girlfriend on a date — what beaches you will go to, which mountain you are going to climb. You think of all these clear pictures of a dream life that most people don’t live, but you know you’re going to because you can do anything after you’ve been to Afghanistan for nine months.”

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