MWR Exchange Vacations Joins Forces With Operation R&R


MWR Exchange Vacations, powered by Government Vacation Rewards is pleased to announce their affiliation with Operation R&R. MWR Exchange Vacations already offers military families a way to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate their relationships by offering the best deals in the business. Now, by partnering with Operation R&R, MWR Exchange Vacations can help provide no cost and low cost getaways for deserving military families and the families of deceased service members.

Operation R&R is a non-profit organization, founded in 2008 by Dr. Grant Evans. Dr. Evans started the program by donating his vacation home in Hilton Head, S.C. for use by military families. Today, Operation R&R has helped more than 1,200 military families experience their dream getaways on Hilton Head Island.

What began as one man opening his home has turned into a colossal charitable movement, one that benefits members of the military community. More than 500 hotels, property owners, restaurants, and other getaway-related industries have joined together for this cause. Until this year, Operation R&R was only able to provide benefits for local families. But now, MWR Exchange Vacations has allied with the cause, helping to make Operation R&R accessible to even more military members.

One of the newest Operation R&R events is the upcoming vacation for a group 18 military mothers, all of whom lost their only child due to service-related deaths. These women belong to the Gold Star Mothers Club, named for the gold star that families traditionally hang in their windows to honor their fallen service member. These mothers, having lost their only children, named their more exclusive offshoot group “Gold Star One and Only.”

From May 11-18, the mothers of Gold Star One and Only will take part in a much needed vacation together, courtesy of Operation R&R. These mothers of fallen warriors come from all over the country. While some are battling depression, they are all suffering through the pain and grief of having lost their only child. The Gold Star One and Only mothers will be treated to a week of relaxation, extravagance and escape. While there are some events planned for the week, a lot of the time has been purposefully left open for the mothers to enjoy the beaches, restaurants, culture and atmosphere of Hilton Head.

Through Operation R&R and its affiliates, including MWR Exchange Vacations, these mothers will experience a fellowship with each other, sharing a much needed getaway. The mothers of Gold Star One and Only will be met and greeted by members of the local chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA).

MWR Exchange Vacations, powered by Government Vacation Rewards, offers all members of the U.S. military, their family members and eligible government employees the best prices on travel and vacation packages. MWR Exchange Vacations remains the only online travel site that accepts the Military Star Card. Government Vacation Rewards is proudly affiliated with Operation R&R, furthering their efforts to provide low cost vacations to military families.

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