Military Connection: VA Proposes Punishments: By Debbie Gregory

VA punishmentsIn the ongoing battle to right the ship and regain the public’s confidence in the Veteran healthcare system, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proposed disciplinary actions against employers who were found to have manipulated data.

On July 29, 2014, the VA recommended disciplinary actions against six VA employees from facilities in Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY. A review by the Inspector General found that select supervisors from these facilities were found to have personally manipulated data, instructed their subordinates to manipulate data, and withheld accurate information from their superiors.

The VA has proposed that two of these supervisors be removed from federal service. Possible punishments for the other supervisors include two suspensions, a demotion and admonishments.

Understandably, Acting -VA Secretary Sloan Gibson is taking a firm position with employees guilty of misconduct. These employees tarnished the VA’s reputation, integrity and effectiveness, But more importantly, these employees have impeded Veterans from receiving the care that they need. In an official VA statement regarding the proposed disciplinary actions, Acting-secretary Gibson said the following:

“Employees who have been found to have manipulated data, withheld accurate information from their supervisors, and affected the timeliness of care Veterans receive do not reflect VA’s values, and their actions will not be tolerated. VA must earn back the trust of Veterans. Part of earning back that trust is holding people accountable when there is documented evidence of willful misconduct and management negligence. We depend on the dedicated service of VA employees and leaders who live by our core values. Those who have not delivered results honestly have and will be held accountable.”

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Military Connection: VA Proposes Punishments:  By Debbie Gregory