Military Connection: Newest Veteran Education Tool: By Debbie Gregory

Edge CCT

By Debbie Gregory

Hundreds of thousands of Veterans are currently utilizing their education benefits earned through their military service. Over the next few years, over a million more Veterans will be hanging up their helmets and will begin earning their graduation caps. These Veterans will be faced with the task of investigating which college or university is right for them.

With so many Veterans in the market for higher education, many schools are actively recruiting former military personnel to use their VA-paid tuitions at their campuses. Often overwhelmed by the enormity of the decision, Veterans have a hard time sifting through the scores of schools. Veterans need to be mindful that not every school can meet their every academic need. And unfortunately, Veterans also need to be made aware that there are schools that are not interested in Veterans needs at all. So how are Veterans supposed to decide which schools are right for them?

The Home Front Alliance, founded by Garrett FitzGerald, seeks to unite colleges and universities interested in providing Veterans with the materials needed to make an informed decision on where to attend college. As part of this campaign, the Home Front Alliance created Edge College Connection Tool (Edge CCT).

Edge CCT is essentially a data base of more than 3,000 two and four year institutions of higher education around the U.S. Each participating school has its own  profile page on Edge CCT that can be viewed from search engines. There are a variety of filters, including location, major, and what type of institution (two  or four year) the school is. Edge CCT offers Veterans the ability to see what each of the schools have to offer them as far as academics, Veteran resources, and pricing.

Veterans using Edge CCT create their own profiles that include information about their academic career and military history. After Veterans create their profiles and find the schools they are interested in through Edge’s search engine, they can message administrators at those schools directly to obtain more information and establish a point of contact. The administrators can view the Veteran’s profile and familiarize themselves with the potential student for their school’s programs. is always thrilled to find the latest and greatest resources for Veterans in all of their pursuits. Edge CCT is a valuable resource that enables Veterans who are looking in to utilizing their VA education benefits and make informed decisions that can impact their future. recommends using the Edge CCT in combination with the VA’s GI Bill Comparison Tool in order to gather the most information about prospective schools.

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Military Connection: Newest Veteran Education Tool: By Debbie Gregory